Monday, August 1, 2011

Attention Grabber The black silk Balenciaga gazar wrap that covers the head of the model embodies her. The form fitting dress smooths over her body like it was made just for her. The large silky head piece almost drowns her head, not allowing anything but her head to show through. It is impractical for  an everyday outing, but it is somewhat intriguing. What was Balenciaga thinking when he made this? Was it made for style, warmth, drama? I cannot imagine anyone wearing this in modern times without being thought of as crazy or being fined by the fashion police, yet on this model she seems to have an elegance. She stands with confidence and poise. Her position is like a tree and with the “chou” wrap atop her head, she even looks like one. She seems unaffected by the world around her and is rooted to the ground. Although this is not a wearable piece, it is so haute couture. This is definitely an attention grabber.

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